Name Pronunciation and Spelling

As you begin to integrate your spiritual name into your life, it is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it.

Use the list below to find a recording of your name. (If you cannot find the sound bite of your name in the list below, please contact us.

We encourage you to use your spiritual name as your personal mantra. It is a powerful support to help you keep up and to elevate your spirit. Here is a simple way to integrate it into your daily life:

  1. Listen carefully to the recording of your spiritual name until you feel you can accurately pronounce it.
  2. Practice saying it correctly.
  3. Once you feel you have mastered the correct pronunciation, use your mobile phone to create a recording of your spiritual name.
  4. Listen to the recording on repeat, and meditate for 3, 11 or 31 minutes (or whatever timing feels right to you).
  5. Try this for 40 days. Do the best you can. Even if you don’t pronounce it 100% accurately, you will still receive benefits.

Note that there may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani, Sanskrit, and other languages of the Indian subcontinent, there is not a direct transliteration into the Latin alphabet. You will find the most common spelling below.

Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female, except as indicated.

The surname “Singh” (male) or “Kaur” (female) is included after each given name.
Listen to the pronunciation of “Singh” or “Kaur”:

Singh listen Kaur listen

If your name is not listed here, please contact us.

Select the first letter of your spiritual name:

NameListenAlternate spellings
Jaap Adiplay
Jaap Akalplay
Jaap Akaldevplay
Jaap Akashaplay
Jaap Amanplay
Jaap Amandeepplay
Jaap Amandevplay
Jaap Amardeepplay
Jaap Amardevplay
Jaap Amritplay
Jaap Anandplay
Jaap Anandjotplay
Jaap Angadplay
Jaap Ardasplay
Jaap Arjanplay
Jaap Artiplay
Jaap Avtarplay
Jaap Bachanplay
Jaap Beantplay
Jaap Bhagatplay
Jaap Bhagtiplay
Jaap Bhagwatiplay
Jaap Bhajanplay
Jaap Bhavanplay
Jaap Chanderplay
Jaap Chandraplay
Jaap Dalpremplay
Jaap Dasdeepplay
Jaap Daspreetplay
Jaap Daspremplay
Jaap Dayaplay
Jaap Devaplay
Jaap Devgeetplay
Jaap Deviplay
Jaap Devjeetplay
Jaap Devjotiplay
Jaap Devnamplay
Jaap Devpalplay
Jaap Devpriyaplay
Jaap Devrajplay
Jaap Devtaplay
Jaap Dharamplay
Jaap Dhyanplay
Jaap Geetplay
Jaap Gianplay
Jaap Hardassplay
Jaap Hardevplay
Jaap Hardevaplay
Jaap Hardeviplay
Jaap Hargeetplay
Jaap Haridassplay
Jaap Harjeetplay
Jaap Harjotplay
Jaap Harjotiplay
Jaap Harnalplay
Jaap Harnamplay
Jaap Harpalplay
Jaap Harpreetplay
Jaap Harpremplay
Jaap Inderplay
Jaap Indraplay
Jaap Jotiplay
Jaap Kalyanplay
Jaap Kamalplay
Jaap Kavalyaplay
Jaap Kavitaplay
Jaap Kevalplay
Jaap Kirpalplay
Jaap Kirtanplay
Jaap Kirtiplay
Jaap Krishanplay
Jaap Kriyaplay
Jaap Manjeetplay
Jaap Manpreetplay
Jaap Manpremplay
Jaap Mantraplay
Jaap Namplay
Jaap Namdassplay
Jaap Namdeepplay
Jaap Namdevplay
Jaap Nampreetplay
Jaap Narayanplay
Jaap Navdeepplay
Jaap Navpreetplay
Jaap Niranterplay
Jaap Nirbanplay
Jaap Nishanplay
Jaap Padmaniplay
Jaap Pavanplay
Jaap Piaraplay
Jaap Prakashplay
Jaap Preetplay
Jaap Premplay
Jaap Premjeetplay
Jaap Premjotplay
Jaap Pritamplay
Jaap Pritiplay
Jaap Priyaplay
Jaap Radhaplay
Jaap Rajdeepplay
Jaap Rajdevplay
Jaap Rajgeetplay
Jaap Randeepplay
Jaap Ranpreetplay
Jaap Ransherplay
Jaap Raviplay
Jaap Sandeepplay
Jaap Sangatplay
Jaap Sangeetaplay
Jaap Saraswatiplay
Jaap Satyaplay
Jaap Savitriplay
Jaap Seemaplay
Jaap Seetalplay
Jaap Sevaplay
Jaap Sevakplay
Jaap Shaktiplay
Jaap Shamaplay
Jaap Shantdeepplay
Jaap Shantiplay
Jaap Shivaplay
Jaap Simranplay
Jaap Simritplay
Jaap Sitaplay
Jaap Sooryaplay
Jaap Sunderplay
Jaap Sundertaplay
Jaap Taraplay
Jaap Taranplay
Jaap Teraplay
Jaap Tiagaplay
Jaap Vedplay
Jaap Vedyaplay
Jaap Viriamplay
Jagat Dayaplay
Jagat Guruplay
Jagat Jotplay
Jagat Namplay
Jagat Paramplay
Jagat Prakashplay
Jagat Premplay
Jagat Pritiplay
Jagat Priyaplay
Jagat Sevaplay
Jagat Shivaplay
Jagat Simranplay
Jagdeep Premplay
Jagjeet Prakashplay
Jagjeet Premplay
Jai Adiplay
Jai Adipalplay
Jai Akaldevplay
Jai Akashaplay
Jai Amanplay
Jai Amandeepplay
Jai Amandevplay
Jai Amandeviplay
Jai Amanjeetplay
Jai Amanpreetplay
Jai Amardeepplay
Jai Amardevplay
Jai Amardeviplay
Jai Amarjeetplay
Jai Amarpreetplay
Jai Amritaplay
Jai Anandplay
Jai Anandaplay
Jai Anandjotplay
Jai Arjanplay
Jai Arjandeepplay
Jai Artiplay
Jai Arvindplay
Jai Bachanplay
Jai Baniplay
Jai Bhagtiplay
Jai Bhagwatiplay
Jai Bhajanplay
Jai Bhaktiplay
Jai Chananplay
Jai Chandplay
JaichandraplayJai Chandra
Jai Charanplay
Jai Daleepplay
Jai Dalmeetplay
Jai Dalpreetplay
Jai Dalpremplay
Jai Dalpriyaplay
Jai Damanplay
Jai Darshanplay
Jai Dasdeepplay
Jai Dasgeetplay
Jai Dasjeetplay
Jai Dasjotplay
Jai Dasjotiplay
Jai Daspreetplay
Jai Daspremplay
Jai Daspritiplay
Jai Daspriyaplay
Jai Dassplay
Jai Dattaplay
Jai Dayalplay
Jai Deepplay
Jaideep Premplay
Jaideep Priyaplay
Jai Devplay
Jai Devaplay
Jai Devdeepplay
Jai Devgeetplay
Jai Devgianplay
Jai Deviplay
Jai Devjeetplay
Jai Devjotplay
Jai Devmeetplay
Jai Devmurtiplay
Jai Devnamplay
Jai Devpalplay
Jai Devpritiplay
Jai Devpriyaplay
Jai Devrajplay
Jai Devshantplay
Jai Devsukhplay
Jai Devtaplay
Jai Dharamplay
Jai Dharmaplay
Jai Dhyanplay
Jai Dyalplay
Jai Fatehplay
Jai Geetplay
Jai Giandeepplay
Jai Giandevplay
Jai Gianpreetplay
Jai Gobindplay
Jai Gopalplay
Jai Gurudevplay
Jai Harbhajanplay
Jai Harchandplay
Jai Hardevplay
Jai Hardevaplay
Jai Hardeviplay
Jai Hargeetplay
Jai Hariplay
Jai Haridassplay
Jai Harideepplay
Jai Harjeetplay
Jai Harjotplay
Jai Harjotiplay
Jai Harnalplay
Jai Harnamplay
Jai Harpreetplay
Jai Harpremplay
Jai Harpritamplay
Jai Harpritiplay
Jai Harpriyaplay
Jai Harsimranplay
Jai Inderplay
Jai Indraplay
Jai Jagdeeshplay
Jai Jagdeshplay
Jai Jaiplay
Jai Jeetplay
Jai Jeet Sangeetplay
Jai JotplayJaijot
Jai Jotiplay
Jai Kalyanplay
Jai Kamalplay
Jai Karanplay
Jai Kartaplay
Jai Kartarplay
Jai Kavalyaplay
Jai Kavitaplay
Jai Kevalplay
Jai Kiretplay
Jai Kirinplay
Jai Kirinjotplay
Jai Kirtanplay
Jai Kirtiplay
Jai Krishanplay
Jai Krishnaplay
Jai Kriyaplay
Jai Lakhmiplay
Jai Lakhsmiplay
Jai Lakshmiplay
Jai Livdeepplay
Jai Livpreetplay
Jai Mahanplay
Jai Mandeepplay
Jai Mandeviplay
Jai Mandhirplay
Jai Manetplay
Jai Maniplay
Jai Manjeetplay
Jai Manpreetplay
Jai Manpremplay
Jai Manpritiplay
Jai Manpriyaplay
Jai Mantraplay
Jai Meherplay
Jai Mehtabplay
Jai Mohanplay
Jai Namdassplay
Jai Namdeepplay
Jai Namdevplay
Jai Namdeviplay
Jai Namdhanplay
Jai Namjeetplay
Jai Namjotplay
Jai Nampreetplay
Jai Nampriyaplay
Jai Narayanplay
Jai Navdassplay
Jai Navdeepplay
Jai Navjeetplay
Jai Navjotplay
Jai Navpreetplay
Jai Navpremplay
Jai Navpriyaplay
Jai Nidhanplay
Jai Nirbanplay
Jai Padmaniplay
Jai Palplay
Jai Partapplay
Jai Pavanplay
Jai Paviterplay
Jai Piaraplay
Jai Prakashplay
Jai Preetdevplay
Jaipreet Deviplay
Jai Prembirplay
Jai Premdeepplay
Jai Premdevplay
Jai Premdevaplay
Jai Premgeetplay
Jai Premjeetplay
Jai Premjotplay
Jai Prempalplay
Jai Pritamplay
Jai Pritiplay
Jai Pritidevplay
Jai PriyaplayJaipriya
Jai Puranplay
Jai Qurbanplay
Jai Radhaplay
Jai Rajbirplay
Jai Rajdeepplay
Jai Rajdevtaplay
Jai Rajgeetplay
Jai Rajpalplay
Jai Rajpreetplay
Jai Rajpritiplay
Jai Ramplay
Jai Ramdassplay
Jai Ramdeepplay
Jai Rampreetplay
Jai Rampriyaplay
Jai Randeepplay
Jai Randeviplay
Jai Ranjeetplay
Jai Ranpreetplay
Jai Ranpriyaplay
Jai Ratanplay
Jai Raviplay
Jai Ravidassplay
Jai Sandeepplay
Jai Sandeshplay
Jai Sandevplay
Jai Sangatplay
Jai Sangeetplay
Jai Sangeetaplay
Jai Sanjeetplay
Jai Sanjotplay
Jai Sanjotiplay
Jai Sanpremplay
Jai Sanpritiplay
Jai Sanpriyaplay
Jai Santoshplay
Jai Saranplay
Jai Sarandeepplay
Jai Saraswatiplay
Jai Satdeepplay
Jai Satyaplay
Jai Savitriplay
Jai Seemaplay
Jai Seetalplay
Jai Sevaplay
Jai Shabadplay
Jai Shaktiplay
Jai Shamaplay
Jai Shantplay
Jai Shantdeepplay
Jai Shantiplay
Jai Shivaplay
Jai Siriplay
Jai Sitaplay
Jai Sooryaplay
Jai Sukhpreetplay
Jai Sunderplay
Jai Sundertaplay
Jai Sundriplay
Jai Surdeepplay
Jai Surpreetplay
Jai Tajplay
Jai Tajdeepplay
Jai Tajgeetplay
Jai Tajpreetplay
Jai Tajpremplay
Jai Teganyplay
Jai Tegdeepplay
Jai Tegjeetplay
Jai Tegpalplay
Jai Tegpreetplay
Jai Tegpremplay
Jai Te Gungplay
Jai Tejplay
Jai Tejaplay
Jai Tejdeepplay
Jai Tejgeetplay
Jai Tejpalplay
Jai Tejpreetplay
Jai Tejpremplay
Jai Teraplay
Jai Tiagaplay
Jai Varanplay
Jai Vedplay
Jai Vedyaplay
Jan Inderplay
Jan Indraplay
Jan Sevplay
Japa Adiplay
Japa Ajeetplay
Japa Akalplay
Japa Akashaplay
Japa Amritplay
Japa Amritaplay
Japa Anandplay
Japa Anandaplay
Japa Ardasplay
Japa Artiplay
Japa Bachanplay
Japa Bhavanplay
Japa Chandplay
Japa Charanplay
Japa Dalpreetplay
Japa Darshanplay
Japa Dayalplay
Japa Devaplay
Japa Deviplay
Japa Devjeetplay
Japa Devjotplay
Japa Devnamplay
Japa Devpreetplay
Japa Devpremplay
Japa Devtaplay
Japa Dharmaplay
Japa Dhyanplay
Japa Dyalplay
Japa Fatehplay
Japa Geetplay
Japa Gianplay
Japa Hardeepplay
Japa Hargeetplay
Japa Harjeetplay
Japa Harjotplay
Japa Harjotiplay
Japa Harpreetplay
Japa Harpremplay
Japa Harpritiplay
Japa Harsimranplay
Japa Jotiplay
Japa Kalyanplay
Japa Kamalplay
Japa Karanplay
Japa Kavalyaplay
Japa Kevalplay
Japa Kirinplay
Japa Kirtiplay
Japa Krishanplay
Japa Mandeepplay
Japa Namplay
Japa Namdeepplay
Japa Narayanplay
Japa Nirbanplay
Japa Pavanplay
Japa Preetplay
Japa Premplay
Japa Pritamplay
Japa Pritiplay
Japa Rajdeepplay
Japa Rajgeetplay
Japa Rajpreetplay
Japa Randhirplay
Japa Ranpreetplay
Japa Raviplay
Japa Sangatplay
Japa Sangeetaplay
Japa Sanpreetplay
Japa Saranplay
Japa Seemaplay
Japa Seetalplay
Japa Sevaplay
Japa Shaktiplay
Japa Shantiplay
Japa Simranplay
Japa Simritplay
Japa Siriplay
Japa Sitaplay
Japa Sundriplay
Japa Tajplay
Japa Tejplay
Japa Teraplay
Japa Vedplay
Jasdeva Premplay
Jasjeet Priyaplay
Jaspal Sevaplay
Jaspreet Atmaplay
Jaspreet Dayalplay
Jaspreet Dyalplay
Jaspreet Nihalplay
Jaspreet Teraplay
Jasprem Dyalplay
Jeet Adeshplay
Jeet Adiplay
Jeet Akalplay
Jeet Akashaplay
Jeet Amanplay
Jeet Amritplay
Jeet Amritaplay
Jeet Anandplay
Jeet Anandaplay
Jeet Angadplay
Jeet Ardasplay
Jeet Arjanplay
Jeet Artiplay
Jeet Arvindplay
Jeet Avtarplay
Jeet Bachanplay
Jeet Baniplay
Jeet Beantplay
Jeet Bhagatplay
Jeet Bhagtiplay
Jeet Bhagwatiplay
Jeet Bhavanplay
Jeet Chandplay
Jeet Chanderplay
Jeet Chandraplay
Jeet Charanplay
Jeet Damanplay
Jeet Darshanplay
Jeet Daspremplay
Jeet Dassplay
Jeet Dayalplay
Jeet Devaplay
Jeet Devgianplay
Jeet Deviplay
Jeet Devjotplay
Jeet Devjotiplay
Jeet Devnamplay
Jeet Devpalplay
Jeet Devrajplay
Jeet Devtaplay
Jeet Dharmaplay
Jeet Dhyanplay
Jeet Dyalplay
Jeet Fatehplay
Jeet Gianplay
Jeet Giandevplay
Jeet Gobindeplay
Jeet Gopalplay
Jeet Harchandplay
Jeet Hardeviplay
Jeet Hariplay
Jeet Haridassplay
Jeet Harpalplay
Jeet Harpremplay
Jeet Harsimranplay
Jeet Indraplay
Jeet Kalyanplay
Jeet Kamalplay
Jeet Karamplay
Jeet Karanplay
Jeet Kartaplay
Jeet Kavalyaplay
Jeet Kavitaplay
Jeet Kevalplay
Jeet Kirinplay
Jeet Kirtanplay
Jeet Kirtiplay
Jeet Krishanplay
Jeet Krishnaplay
Jeet Kriyaplay
Jeet Lakhmiplay
Jeet Lakshmiplay
Jeet Livpremplay
Jeet Livtarplay
Jeet Maniplay
Jeet Mantraplay
Jeet Mukandeplay
Jeet Namplay
Jeet Namdassplay
Jeet Namjotplay
Jeet Nampremplay
Jeet Narayanplay
Jeet Navdassplay
Jeet Navjotplay
Jeet Navjotiplay
Jeet Navpalplay
Jeet Navpremplay
Jeet Nirbanplay
Jeet Nishanplay
Jeet Onkarplay
Jeet Padmaniplay
Jeet Paramplay
Jeet Pavanplay
Jeet Piaraplay
Jeet Premdassplay
Jeet Premjotplay
Jeet Prempalplay
Jeet Pritamplay
Jeet Pritiplay
Jeet Priyaplay
Jeet Puranplay
Jeet Qurbanplay
Jeet Radhaplay
Jeet Rajplay
Jeet Rajdevplay
Jeet Rajdeviplay
Jeet Rajpremplay
Jeet Ramplay
Jeet Ramaplay
Jeet Ramdassplay
Jeet Ramdeshplay
Jeet Randevplay
Jeet Randhirplay
Jeet Ransherplay
Jeet Raviplay
Jeet Sadhanaplay
Jeet Sampuranplay
Jeet Sandeshplay
Jeet Sangatplay
Jeet Sanpremplay
Jeet Santokhplay
Jeet Santoshplay
Jeet Saranplay
Jeet Saraswatiplay
Jeet Satyaplay
Jeet Savitriplay
Jeet Seetalplay
Jeet Sevaplay
Jeet Sevakplay
Jeet Shabadplay
Jeet Shaktaplay
Jeet Shaktiplay
Jeet Shantplay
Jeet Shantiplay
Jeet Shivaplay
Jeet Simranplay
Jeet Simratplay
Jeet Simritplay
Jeet Sitaplay
Jeet Sooryaplay
Jeet Subaghplay
Jeet Sunderplay
Jeet Sundriplay
Jeet Tajplay
Jeet Tajdevplay
Jeet Tajpremplay
Jeet Taraplay
Jeet Taranplay
Jeet Tegplay
Jeet Tegpalplay
Jeet Tejplay
Jeet Tejaplay
Jeet Tejpremplay
Jeet Teraplay
Jeet Tiagaplay
Jeet Varanplay
Jeet Vedplay
Jeet Vedyaplay
Jeet Viriamplay
Jiwan Adeshplay
Jiwan Adipalplay
Jiwan Ajeetplay
Jiwan Akalplay
Jiwan Amritplay
Jiwan Amritaplay
Jiwan Anandplay
Jiwan Anandaplay
Jiwan Angadplay
Jiwan Artiplay
Jiwan Bhagtiplay
Jiwan Chandplay
Jiwan Chandraplay
Jiwan Darshanplay
Jiwan Dassplay
Jiwan Dayaplay
Jiwan Dayalplay
Jiwan Devaplay
Jiwan Deviplay
Jiwan Devjotplay
Jiwan Devpalplay
Jiwan Devpreetplay
Jiwan Devpremplay
Jiwan Devpriyaplay
Jiwan Devtaplay
Jiwan Dharmaplay
Jiwan Dhyanplay
Jiwan Fatehplay
Jiwan Geetplay
Jiwan Gianplay
Jiwan Gobindeplay
Jiwan Gopalplay
Jiwan Kalyanplay
Jiwan Kamalplay
Jiwan Kavalyaplay
Jiwan Kavitaplay
Jiwan Kevalplay
Jiwan Kirpalplay
Jiwan Kirtanplay
Jiwan Kirtiplay
Jiwan Krishnaplay
Jiwan Lakshmiplay
Jiwan Muktaplay
Jiwan Namplay
Jiwan Namdeepplay
Jiwan Navdeepplay
Jiwan Padmaniplay
Jiwan Piaraplay
Jiwan Prakashplay
Jiwan Preetplay
Jiwan Premdeepplay
Jiwan Pritiplay
Jiwan Priyaplay
Jiwan Radhaplay
Jiwan Rajplay
Jiwan Ramaplay
Jiwan Raviplay
Jiwan Sadhanaplay
Jiwan Sandeepplay
Jiwan Sandeshplay
Jiwan Sangatplay
Jiwan Sangeetaplay
Jiwan Saraswatiplay
Jiwan Satyaplay
Jiwan Savitriplay
Jiwan Seemaplay
Jiwan Seetalplay
Jiwan Sevaplay
Jiwan Shabadplay
Jiwan Shantplay
Jiwan Shantiplay
Jiwan Shivaplay
Jiwan Simranplay
Jiwan Sitaplay
Jiwan Sooryaplay
Jiwan Sunderplay
Jiwan Tajplay
Jiwan Tajdeepplay
Jiwan Tajpreetplay
Jiwan Taraplay
Jiwan Tejplay
Jiwan Tejaplay
Jiwan Tejdeepplay
Jiwan Tejpreetplay
Jiwan Tejpremplay
Jiwan Teraplay
Jiwan Tiagaplay
Jiwan Vedplay
Jiwan Vedyaplay
Jodha Avtarplay
Jodha Devplay
Jodha Dhyanplay
Jodha Fatehplay
Jodha Gianplay
Jodha Rajplay
Jodha Ramplay
Jodha Sangatplay
Jodha Simranplay
Jodh Premplay
Jog Prakashplay
Jot Abnashiplay
Jot Adiplay
Jot Akalplay
Jot Akashplay
Jot Akashaplay
Jot Amanplay
Jot Amandeepplay
Jot Amangeetplay
Jot Amanpreetplay
Jot Amarplay
Jot Amardeepplay
Jot Amritplay
Jot Amritaplay
Jot Amritdevplay
Jot Anandplay
Jot Anandaplay
Jot Angadplay
Jot Ardasplay
Jot Arjanplay
Jot Artiplay
Jot Arvindplay
Jot Avtarplay
Jot Bachanplay
Jot Baniplay
Jot Bhagatplay
Jot Bhaktiplay
Jot Chananplay
Jot Chandplay
Jot Chanderplay
Jot Dalpreetplay
Jot Darshanplay
Jot Daspreetplay
Jot Daspremplay
Jot Dassplay
Jot Dayaplay
Jot Dayalplay
Jot Devplay
Jot Devaplay
Jot Devgeetplay
Jot Devgianplay
Jot Deviplay
Jot Devmeetplay
Jot Devnamplay
Jot Devpalplay
Jot Devpreetplay
Jot Devpritiplay
Jot Devrajplay
Jot Devshantplay
Jot Devtaplay
Jot Dharamplay
Jot Dharmaplay
Jot Dhyanplay
Jot Dyalplay
Jot Fatehplay
Jot Gianplay
Jot Giandeepplay
Jot Giandevplay
Jot Gianjeetplay
Jot Gianpalplay
Jot Gobindplay
Jot Gobindeplay
Jot Gopalplay
Jot Harchandplay
Jot Harcharanplay
Jot Hardeepplay
Jot Hardevplay
Jot Hardevaplay
Jot Hardeviplay
Jot Hargeetplay
Jot Haridassplay
Jot Harjeetplay
Jot Harmeetplay
Jot Harnalplay
Jot Harnamplay
Jot Harpalplay
Jot Harpreetplay
Jot Harpremplay
Jot Harsimranplay
Jot Hartejplay
Joti Adeshplay
Joti Adiplay
Joti Ajeetplay
Joti Amanplay
Joti Amandeepplay
Joti Amangeetplay
Joti Amanpalplay
Joti Amanpreetplay
Joti Amritplay
Joti Amritaplay
Joti Anandplay
Joti Anandaplay
Joti Angadplay
Joti Ardasplay
Joti Arjanplay
Joti Arvindplay
Joti Atmaplay
Joti Avtarplay
Joti Bachanplay
Joti Baniplay
Joti Bhagwatiplay
Joti Bhavanplay
Joti Chananplay
Joti Chandplay
Joti Chandraplay
Joti Charanplay
Joti Daleepplay
Joti Dalpreetplay
Joti Dalpremplay
Joti Damanplay
Joti Dasgeetplay
Joti Dasjeetplay
Joti Daspalplay
Joti Daspreetplay
Joti Daspremplay
Joti Dassplay
Joti Dayaplay
Joti Dayalplay
Joti Deepplay
Joti Degpreetplay
Joti Devaplay
Joti Devchandplay
Joti Devdeepplay
Joti Devgeetplay
Joti Devgianplay
Joti Devjeetplay
Joti Devmeetplay
Joti Devnamplay
Joti Devpalplay
Joti Devpreetplay
Joti Devpremplay
Joti Devrajplay
Joti Devramplay
Joti Devshantplay
Joti Devtaplay
Joti Dharmaplay
Joti Dhyanplay
Joti Dyalplay
Joti Fatehplay
Joti Geetplay
Joti Gianplay
Joti Gobindplay
Joti Gobindeplay
Joti Gopalplay
Joti Harchandplay
Joti Harcharanplay
Joti Hardassplay
Joti Hardeepplay
Joti Hardevaplay
Joti Hargeetplay
Joti Hargianplay
Joti Haridassplay
Joti Harjeetplay
Joti Harmeetplay
Joti Harnalplay
Joti Harnamplay
Joti Harpalplay
Joti Harpreetplay
Joti Harsimranplay
Joti Hartejplay
Joti Kalyanplay
Joti Kamalplay
Joti Karamplay
Joti Karanplay
Joti Kartaplay
Joti Kavalyaplay
Joti Kavitaplay
Joti Kevalplay
Joti Kirinplay
Joti Kirpalplay
Joti Kirtanplay
Joti Krishanplay
Joti Krishnaplay
Joti Kriyaplay
Joti Lakshmiplay
Joti Livdeepplay
Joti Livjeetplay
Joti Livpreetplay
Joti Livpremplay
Joti Livtarplay
Joti Mahanplay
Joti Manavplay
Joti Mandeepplay
Joti Manjeetplay
Joti Manpreetplay
Joti Meherplay
Joti Mehtabplay
Joti Mukandeplay
Joti Nadhplay
Joti Namplay
Joti Namdassplay
Joti Namdeepplay
Joti Namdevplay
Joti Namgeetplay
Joti Namjeetplay
Joti Nampalplay
Joti Nampreetplay
Joti Narayanplay
Joti Navdassplay
Joti Navdeepplay
Joti Navgeetplay
Joti Navjeetplay
Joti Navpalplay
Joti Navpreetplay
Joti Navpremplay
Joti Nidhanplay
Joti Nirbanplay
Joti Nirmalplay
Joti Nishanplay
Joti Onkarplay
Joti Padmaniplay
Joti Partapplay
JotipreetplayJoti Preet
Joti Premplay
Joti Premdassplay
Joti Premdeepplay
Joti Premgeetplay
Joti Premjeetplay
Joti Pritamplay
Joti Pritiplay
Joti Priyaplay
Joti Puranplay
Joti Qurbanplay
Joti Radhaplay
Joti Rajplay
Joti Rajdassplay
Joti Rajdevaplay
Joti Rajgeetplay
Joti Rajnamplay
Joti Rajpalplay
Joti Rajpreetplay
Joti Rajpremplay
Joti Ramplay
Joti Ramaplay
Joti Ramdassplay
Joti Ramdeepplay
Joti Ramgeetplay
Joti Ramjeetplay
Joti Rampalplay
Joti Rampreetplay
Joti Randeepplay
Joti Raviplay
Joti Ravinamplay
Joti Sadhanaplay
Joti Sadhuplay
Joti Sandeepplay
Joti Sandeshplay
Joti Sandevplay
Joti Sangatplay
Joti Sangeetaplay
Joti Sanjeetplay
Joti Sanpremplay
Joti Saranplay
Joti Saraswatiplay
Joti Satdeepplay
Joti Satjeetplay
Joti Satpreetplay
Joti Satyaplay
Joti Savitriplay
Joti Seemaplay
Joti Seetalplay
Joti Sevaplay
Joti Sevakplay
Joti Shaktaplay
Joti Shamaplay
Joti Shantplay
Joti Shivaplay
Joti Simranplay
Joti Simritplay
Joti Sitaplay
Joti Sooryaplay
Joti Sopurkhplay
Joti Sundertaplay
Joti Surpreetplay
Joti Surpriyaplay
Joti Tajplay
Joti Tajdeepplay
Joti Tajgeetplay
Joti Tajnamplay
Joti Tajpalplay
Joti Tajpreetplay
Joti Taraplay
Joti Taranplay
Joti Tegplay
Joti Tegdeepplay
Joti Tegjeetplay
Joti Tegpreetplay
Joti Tegpremplay
Joti Tejplay
Joti Tejaplay
Joti Tejdeepplay
Joti Tejgeetplay
Joti Tejpalplay
Joti Tejpreetplay
Joti Tejpremplay
Joti Teraplay
Joti Tiagaplay
Joti Varanplay
Joti Vedplay
Joti Vedgeetplay
Joti Vedjeetplay
Joti Vedpreetplay
Joti Vedyaplay
Joti Viriamplay
Jot Kalyanplay
Jot Kamalplay
Jot Karamplay
Jot Kavalyaplay
Jot Kevalplay
Jot Kirtanplay
Jot Kirtiplay
Jot Krishanplay
Jot Kriyaplay
Jot Kuldeepplay
Jot Kulpreetplay
Jot Lakhmiplay
Jot Lakshmiplay
Jot Livdeepplay
Jot Livjeetplay
Jot Livpreetplay
Jot Livpremplay
Jot Livpriyaplay
Jot Mandeepplay
Jot Maniplay
Jot Mantraplay
Jot Meherplay
Jot Mehtabplay
Jot Mukandeplay
Jot Namdassplay
Jot Namdeepplay
Jot Namgeetplay
Jot Namjeetplay
Jot Nampreetplay
Jot Narayanplay
Jot Navdassplay
Jot Navdeepplay
Jot Navgeetplay
Jot Navjeetplay
Jot Navpreetplay
Jot Navpremplay
Jot Nirmalplay
Jot Nishanplay
Jot Nivasplay
Jot Onkarplay
Jot Padmaniplay
Jot Partapplay
Jot Pavanplay
Jot Prakashplay
Jot Premdassplay
Jot Premdeepplay
Jot Premdevplay
Jot Premdeviplay
Jot Premgeetplay
Jot Premjeetplay
Jot Pritiplay
Jot Priyaplay
Jot Puranplay
Jot Radhaplay
Jot Rajplay
Jot Rajdeepplay
Jot Rajdevaplay
Jot Rajdeviplay
Jot Rajgeetplay
Jot Rajmeetplay
Jot Rajpalplay
Jot Rajpremplay
Jot Ramdassplay
Jot Ramdeepplay
Jot Ramgeetplay
Jot Ramjeetplay
Jot Rampreetplay
Jot Randeepplay
Jot Randhirplay
Jot Raviplay
Jot Sadhanaplay
Jot Sampuranplay
Jot Sandeepplay
Jot Sandeshplay
Jot Sangatplay
Jot Sangeetplay
Jot Sangeetaplay
Jot Sanpreetplay
Jot Sanpritiplay
Jot Saranplay
Jot Saraswatiplay
Jot Saroopplay
Jot Satdeepplay
Jot Satyaplay
Jot Savitriplay
Jot Seemaplay
Jot Seetalplay
Jot Sevaplay
Jot Sevakplay
Jot Shabadplay
Jot Shaktaplay
Jot Shaktiplay
Jot Shamaplay
Jot Shantiplay
Jot Shivaplay
Jot Simranplay
Jot Simritplay
Jot Sitaplay
Jot Sukhmaniplay
Jot Sunderplay
Jot Sundriplay
Jot Swaranplay
Jot Tajplay
Jot Tajdeepplay
Jot Tajgeetplay
Jot Tajpreetplay
Jot Taraplay
Jot Taranplay
Jot Tegplay
Jot Tegdeepplay
Jot Tegjeetplay
Jot Tegpalplay
Jot Tejplay
Jot Tejaplay
Jot Tejdeepplay
Jot Tejgeetplay
Jot Tejpreetplay
Jot Tiagaplay
Jot Varanplay
Jot Vedplay
Jot Vedjeetplay
Jot Vedpreetplay
Jot Vedpremplay
Jot Vedyaplay
Jot Vikramplay
Jot Viriamplay
Jsi Sampuranplay