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Name Pronunciation and Spelling

As you begin to integrate your spiritual name into your life, it is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it.

Use the list below to find a recording of your name. (If you cannot find the sound bite of your name in the list below, please contact us.

We encourage you to use your spiritual name as your personal mantra. It is a powerful support to help you keep up and to elevate your spirit. Here is a simple way to integrate it into your daily life:

  1. Listen carefully to the recording of your spiritual name until you feel you can accurately pronounce it.
  2. Practice saying it correctly.
  3. Once you feel you have mastered the correct pronunciation, use your mobile phone to create a recording of your spiritual name.
  4. Listen to the recording on repeat, and meditate for 3, 11 or 31 minutes (or whatever timing feels right to you).
  5. Try this for 40 days. Do the best you can. Even if you don’t pronounce it 100% accurately, you will still receive benefits.

Note that there may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani, Sanskrit, and other languages of the Indian subcontinent, there is not a direct transliteration into the Latin alphabet. You will find the most common spelling below.

Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female, except as indicated.

The surname “Singh” (male) or “Kaur” (female) is included after each given name.
Listen to the pronunciation of “Singh” or “Kaur”:

Singh listen Kaur listen

If your name is not listed here, please contact us.

Select the first letter of your spiritual name:

NameListenAlternate spellings
Varan Amritplay
Varan Amritaplay
Varan Ardasplay
Varan Artiplay
Varan Bhagatplay
Varan Chandplay
Varan Devpreetplay
Varan Devpremplay
Varan Dyalplay
Varan Hardeepplay
Varan Harpreetplay
Varan Jotiplay
Varan Kirtiplay
Varan Mantraplay
Varan Meetplay
Varan Padmaniplay
Varan Premplay
Varan Pritiplay
Varan Priyaplay
Varan Sangeetplay
Varan Sangeetaplay
Varan Satyaplay
Varan Seemaplay
Varan Seetalplay
Varan Shabadplay
Varan Sitaplay
Varan Sundriplay
Varan Tejaplay
Varan Teraplay
Ved Adeshplay
Ved Adiplay
Ved Ajeetplay
Ved Akalplay
Ved Amritaplay
Ved Anandplay
Ved Anandaplay
Ved Angadplay
Ved Artiplay
Ved Avtarplay
Ved Baniplay
Ved Bhagatplay
Ved Bhagtiplay
Ved Chananplay
Ved Chanderplay
Ved Daleepplay
Ved Dalpreetplay
Ved Darshanplay
Ved Dasgeetplay
Ved Daspremplay
Ved Dassplay
Ved Devaplay
Ved Devgeetplay
Ved Deviplay
Ved Devjeetplay
Ved Dharamplay
Ved Dhyanplay
Ved Dyalplay
Ved Fatehplay
Ved Geetplay
Ved Gianplay
Ved Gobindeplay
Ved Gopalplay
Ved Hardeepplay
Ved Hargeetplay
Ved Hariplay
Ved Harpreetplay
Ved Harsimranplay
Ved Japaplay
Ved Kalyanplay
Ved Karamplay
Ved Kavalyaplay
Ved Kavitaplay
Ved Kiranplay
Ved Kirinplay
Ved Kirtanplay
Ved Kirtiplay
Ved Lakhmiplay
Ved Lakshmiplay
Ved Mahanplay
Ved Mantraplay
Ved Namdassplay
Ved Nirmalplay
Ved Padmaniplay
Ved Prabhuplay
Ved Prakashplay
Ved Premdeepplay
Ved Pritamplay
Ved Pritiplay
Ved Priyaplay
Ved Puranplay
Ved Rajplay
Ved Rajdeepplay
Ved Rajpreetplay
Ved Rajpremplay
Ved Ramaplay
Ved Randhirplay
Ved Raviplay
Ved Sadhanaplay
Ved Sadhuplay
Ved Sandeshplay
Ved Sangatplay
Ved Sangeetplay
Ved Sangeetaplay
Ved Saranplay
Ved Saraswatiplay
Ved Satyaplay
Ved Savitriplay
Ved Seemaplay
Ved Seetalplay
Ved Sevaplay
Ved Shaktiplay
Ved Shantiplay
Ved Shivaplay
Ved Simranplay
Ved Simratplay
Ved Simritplay
Ved Siriplay
Ved Sitaplay
Ved Sooryaplay
Ved Subaghplay
Ved Sunderplay
Ved Sundriplay
Ved Tajplay
Ved Tajpreetplay
Ved Taraplay
Ved Taranplay
Ved Teraplay
Ved Tiagaplay
Vedya Adeshplay
Vedya Adiplay
Vedya Akalplay
Vedya Amanplay
Vedya Amritplay
Vedya Anandplay
Vedya Anandaplay
Vedya Angadplay
Vedya Arjanplay
Vedya Artiplay
Vedya Avtarplay
Vedya Bachanplay
Vedya Baniplay
Vedya Beantplay
Vedya Bhagtiplay
Vedya Bhaktiplay
Vedya Birplay
Vedya Chananplay
Vedya Chandplay
Vedya Charanplay
Vedya Daleepplay
Vedya Darshanplay
Vedya Dassplay
Vedya Devaplay
Vedya Devgeetplay
Vedya Deviplay
Vedya Devjotplay
Vedya Devpreetplay
Vedya Devpremplay
Vedya Dhyanplay
Vedya Dyalplay
Vedya Fatehplay
Vedya Geetplay
Vedya Gianplay
Vedya Gobindplay
Vedya Gopalplay
Vedya Hardeepplay
Vedya Hargeetplay
Vedya Hariplay
Vedya Harmeetplay
Vedya Harpalplay
Vedya Harpreetplay
Vedya Harpremplay
Vedya Jeetplay
Vedya Jotplay
Vedya Jotnamplay
Vedya Jotpalplay
Vedya Kalyanplay
Vedya Karamplay
Vedya Karanplay
Vedya Kirinplay
Vedya Kirtanplay
Vedya Kirtiplay
Vedya Lakhmiplay
Vedya Lakshmiplay
Vedya Maniplay
Vedya Namplay
Vedya Namdassplay
Vedya Narayanplay
Vedya Nidhanplay
Vedya Nishanplay
Vedya Onkarplay
Vedya Paramplay
Vedya Pavanplay
Vedya Prakashplay
Vedya Premplay
Vedya Pritamplay
Vedya Priyaplay
Vedya Puranplay
Vedya Qurbanplay
Vedya Ramaplay
Vedya Randeepplay
Vedya Raviplay
Vedya Sadhanaplay
Vedya Sandeshplay
Vedya Sangatplay
Vedya Sangeetplay
Vedya Saranplay
Vedya Savitriplay
Vedya Seemaplay
Vedya Seetalplay
Vedya Sevaplay
Vedya Sevakplay
Vedya Shaktiplay
Vedya Shantplay
Vedya Shantiplay
Vedya Simratplay
Vedya Sitaplay
Vedya Tajplay
Vedya Taraplay
Vedya Taranplay
Vedya Tegplay
Vedya Tejplay
Vikram Devaplay
Vikram Jotiplay
Vikram Rajplay
Vikram Ramplay
Vikram Raviplay
Vikram Sangatplay
Vikram Sevakplay
Viriam Adeshplay
Viriam Amritaplay
Viriam Anandplay
Viriam Anandaplay
Viriam Chandplay
Viriam Dayalplay
Viriam Gianplay
Viriam Kirtiplay
Viriam Namplay
Viriam Preetplay
Viriam Priyaplay
Viriam Satyaplay
Viriam Seemaplay
Viriam Sitaplay
Viriam Teraplay