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Your spiritual name as a technology holds the key to your own destiny. Everything truly valuable requires an exchange of energy. Yogi Bhajan taught that consciousness raising technologies are most valued when something is given in return. It is in the giving that your prosperity is assured as your contribution signals to the Universe that you are ready to receive.

The 3HO Spiritual Names Office welcomes contributions of any size. A contribution of $50.00 (USD) or more provides significant support for our continued service to the global community.
If you contribute $60.00 (USD) or more, you will receive a beautiful Spiritual Name Destiny Card of your choice with your spiritual name and its meaning.
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Spiritual Name Destiny Cards

Destiny Cards

Your spiritual name destiny card serves as a reminder of the inner sound current (naad) and meaning of your name and its power to deliver you to your highest destiny. Each card includes a beautiful background design, overlayed with your name and its meaning.

With each order you will receive two versions: a digital image for use on your computer, to share on social media or to add to your email signature, and a printable version to put on your altar or to use as an uplifting art piece.