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Spiritual Names

A spiritual name is a tool given to elevate your energy through the power of its inherent sound current (naad) and meaning. It is meant to embody your soul identity. 

Many traditions embrace the giving of spiritual names. This particular tradition of spiritual names is based on numerology and the date of your birth. While many names come from the sacred Gurbani of the Sikhs, others find roots in Sanskrit, Hindi and even English. 

All are welcome to receive a spiritual name and experience what this tool can do for you.


Request a Spiritual Name

Choosing to receive and use a spiritual name is not dependent on your religious identification, political persuasion, or whether you practice Kundalini Yoga. Nevertheless, we do ask you that you approach this request with respect and commitment. 

A spiritual name is not a nickname, a trend, a fashion, or a fad. The sacred value of commitment is impactful to this technology. Before requesting a name, ask yourself: Do I feel called to this?

Request a Spiritual Name


How to Use Your Spiritual Name

Once you have received your name, use it as your personal mantra. Many names may seem long, complicated, or difficult to pronounce. These challenges are part of the process of receiving one. A spiritual name is intended to be used in its entirety. 

 Envision how to integrate your new name into your life. You could make it a 40-day practice. You can make a meditation of writing, chanting or reciting it, as you begin asking others to speak it. 

Making the choice to receive a spiritual name is taking a step toward leaving old patterns behind and connecting more deeply with your infinite self. While the same name may be given to more than one person, how you use it to uplift yourself and your destiny is unique. 


Origin of Spiritual Names

Today’s spiritual names are derived from many traditions and languages, including Gurbani (which is contained in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred Sikh scripture), Sanskrit, Hindi, and even English. Most are not traditional Sikh names, however they do share a connection through this scripture, as well as the use of the second names “Singh” and “Kaur.”

Although today we recognize a full gender spectrum, traditionally men have been given the second name Singh, and women the second name Kaur. This is a tradition carried over from Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru. He gave the name “Singh” to every Sikh man and “Kaur” to every Sikh woman, as indicators of royalty in spirit. This legacy continues today through the use of these symbolic second names.

It is not necessary to be a Sikh to receive a spiritual name, as the name is a meditation that’s complete in itself regardless of your background or tradition. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the connection in order to acknowledge and respect the cultural origins of these traditions.



Students of Kundalini Yoga began requesting spiritual names in the early 1970s. In the experience of Nirinjan Kaur, lifelong student and Director of Spiritual Names: “Our spiritual names became our tools, which daily touched our hearts, impacted our words, and delicately influenced our actions—transforming us and releasing us from the insecurities of the past.” 

Yogi Bhajan gave thousands of spiritual names to students that requested them during his lifetime. Before his passing in 2004, he handed the job over to Nirinjan Kaur, who worked as his Chief of Staff and trained with him for over 30 years before assuming her current role as Director of Spiritual Names. 


Support Our Work - Make a Contribution

Please make a contribution of at least $40.00 (USD) per name. Doing so serves to confirm your appreciation of the value of your spiritual name – and supports the Spiritual Names Office to continue to serve everyone. If you give a contribution, expect to receive your spiritual name WITHIN ONE WEEK. If you do not give a contribution, you will receive your name within 4 weeks.

Contribute $50.00 (USD) or more, and you will be entitled to receive a beautiful Spiritual Name Destiny Card, personalized with your spiritual name and its meaning.

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