Name Pronunciation and Spelling

As you begin to integrate your spiritual name into your life, it is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it.

Use the list below to find a recording of your name. (If you cannot find the sound bite of your name in the list below, please contact us.

We encourage you to use your spiritual name as your personal mantra. It is a powerful support to help you keep up and to elevate your spirit. Here is a simple way to integrate it into your daily life:

  1. Listen carefully to the recording of your spiritual name until you feel you can accurately pronounce it.
  2. Practice saying it correctly.
  3. Once you feel you have mastered the correct pronunciation, use your mobile phone to create a recording of your spiritual name.
  4. Listen to the recording on repeat, and meditate for 3, 11 or 31 minutes (or whatever timing feels right to you).
  5. Try this for 40 days. Do the best you can. Even if you don’t pronounce it 100% accurately, you will still receive benefits.

Note that there may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani, Sanskrit, and other languages of the Indian subcontinent, there is not a direct transliteration into the Latin alphabet. You will find the most common spelling below.

Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female, except as indicated.

The surname “Singh” (male) or “Kaur” (female) is included after each given name.
Listen to the pronunciation of “Singh” or “Kaur”:

Singh  listen  Kaur  listen

If your name is not listed here, please contact us.

Select the first letter of your spiritual name:


NameListenAlternate spellings
Geet Adeshplay
Geet Adiplay
Geet Akalplay
Geet Akashaplay
Geet Amritplay
Geet Amritaplay
Geet Anandaplay
Geet Angadplay
Geet Arjanplay
Geet Artiplay
Geet Atmaplay
Geet Avtarplay
Geet Bachanplay
Geet Baniplay
Geet Bhagtiplay
Geet Bhagwatiplay
Geet Chananplay
Geet Chandplay
Geet Chandraplay
Geet Darshanplay
Geet Dasjotplay
Geet Dasjotiplay
Geet Devaplay
Geet Devgianplay
Geet Deviplay
Geet Devjotplay
Geet Devjotiplay
Geet Devmurtiplay
Geet Devnamplay
Geet Devpremplay
Geet Devtaplay
Geet Dharamplay
Geet Dhyanplay
Geet Dyalplay
Geet Fatehplay
Geet Hardevplay
Geet Hariplay
Geet Haridassplay
Geet Harinamplay
Geet Haripalplay
Geet Harjotplay
Geet Harjotiplay
Geet Harnalplay
Geet Harnamplay
Geet Harpalplay
Geet Harpremplay
Geet Harpriyaplay
Geet Jaipremplay
Geet Japaplay
Geet Jiwanplay
Geet Jotiplay
Geet Kalyanplay
Geet Kamalplay
Geet Karamplay
Geet Karanplay
Geet Kartaplay
Geet Kavalyaplay
Geet Kavitaplay
Geet Kirinplay
Geet Kirtanplay
Geet Kirtiplay
Geet Krishanplay
Geet Krishnaplay
Geet Lakhmiplay
Geet Lakshmiplay
Geet Livjotplay
Geet Maniplay
Geet Mantraplay
Geet Namdassplay
Geet Namdevplay
Geet Namdeviplay
Geet Namjotplay
Geet Namjotiplay
Geet Narayanplay
Geet Navdassplay
Geet Navjotplay
Geet Navjotiplay
Geet Navpremplay
Geet Nirbanplay
Geet Onkarplay
Geet Padmaniplay
Geet Paramplay
Geet Pavanplay
Geet Piaraplay
Geet Prakashplay
Geet Pratnaplay
Geet Premplay
Geet Premdassplay
Geet Premjotplay
Geet Pritamplay
Geet Pritiplay
Geet Priyaplay
Geet Puranplay
Geet Qurbanplay
Geet Radhaplay
Geet Rajplay
Geet Ramaplay
Geet Ramdassplay
Geet Rampalplay
Geet Raviplay
Geet Sampuranplay
Geet Sangatplay
Geet Saraswatiplay
Geet Satyaplay
Geet Savitriplay
Geet Sevaplay
Geet Sevakplay
Geet Shabadplay
Geet Shaktaplay
Geet Shaktiplay
Geet Shamaplay
Geet Shantplay
Geet Shantiplay
Geet Simranplay
Geet Simratplay
Geet Simritplay
Geet Siriplay
Geet Sitaplay
Geet Sooryaplay
Geet Sukhdevplay
Geet Sukhmaniplay
Geet Sundriplay
Geet Tajplay
Geet Tajpremplay
Geet Taraplay
Geet Taranplay
Geet Tegplay
Geet Tejplay
Geet Tejaplay
Geet Teraplay
Geet Tiagaplay
Geet Varanplay
Geet Vedplay
Geet Vedyaplay
Gian Adeshplay
Gian Adijeetplay
Gian Adijotplay
Gian Ajeetplay
Gian Akalplay
Gian Akaldevplay
Gian Akashaplay
Gian Amarplay
Gian Amritplay
Gian Amritaplay
Gian Anandplay
Gian Anandaplay
Gian Angadplay
Gian Ardasplay
Gian Arjanplay
Gian Artiplay
Gian Atmaplay
Gian Avtarplay
Gian Bachanplay
Gian Bahadurplay
Gian Baniplay
Gian Beantplay
Gian Bhagatplay
Gian Bhagtiplay
Gian Bhagwatiplay
Gian Bhajanplay
Gian Bhavanplay
Gian Birpreetplay
Gian Birpremplay
Gian Chananplay
Gian Chandplay
Gian Chanderplay
Gian Chandjotplay
Gian Chandraplay
Gian Dalchandplay
Gian Daleepplay
Gian Daljeetplay
Gian Daljotplay
Gian Daljotiplay
Gian Dalmeetplay
Gian Dalpreetplay
Gian Dalpremplay
Gian Dalpritiplay
Gian Dalpriyaplay
Gian Dalsaranplay
Gian Darshanplay
Gian Daschandplay
Gian Dasdeepplay
Gian Dasdevplay
Gian Dasgeetplay
Gian Dasjeetplay
Gian Dasjotplay
Gian Dasjotiplay
Gian Dasmeetplay
Gian Dasnamplay
Gian Daspalplay
Gian Daspreetplay
Gian Daspremplay
Gian Daspritiplay
Gian Daspriyaplay
Gian Dayaplay
Gian Dayalplay
Gian Deepnamplay
Gian Devaplay
Gian Devchandplay
Gian Devgeetplay
Gian Deviplay
Gian Devjeetplay
Gian Devjotplay
Gian Devjotiplay
Gian Devmeetplay
Gian Devmurtiplay
Gian Devnamplay
Gian Devpalplay
Gian Devpreetplay
Gian Devpremplay
Gian Devpritiplay
Gian Devpriyaplay
Gian Devrajplay
Gian Devshantplay
Gian Devtaplay
Gian Devtajplay
Gian Dharamplay
Gian Dharmaplay
Gian Dyalplay
Gian Fatehplay
Gian Geetplay
Gian Gobindplay
Gian Gobindeplay
Gian Gopalplay
Gian Harbirplay
Gian Harchananplay
Gian Harchandplay
Gian Harcharanplay
Gian Hardassplay
Gian Hardeepplay
Gian Hardevplay
Gian Hardevaplay
Gian Hardeviplay
Gian Hardevtaplay
Gian Hargeetplay
Gian Haridassplay
Gian Harideepplay
Gian Harijotplay
Gian Harinamplay
Gian Harjeetplay
Gian Harjotplay
Gian Harjotiplay
Gian Harmeetplay
Gian Harnamplay
Gian Harpalplay
Gian Harpreetplay
Gian Harpremplay
Gian Harpritiplay
Gian Harsimranplay
Gian Harsimratplay
Gian Inderplay
Gian Inderpalplay
Gian Ishwaraplay
Gian Jaapplay
Gian Jaapdevplay
Gian Jaideepplay
Gian Jaidevplay
Gian Jaidevaplay
Gian Jaideviplay
Gian Jaijeetplay
Gian Jaijotplay
Gian Jaipalplay
Gian Jaipreetplay
Gian Jaipremplay
Gian Jaipriyaplay
Gian Japaplay
Gian Jasdeepplay
Gian Jasdevplay
Gian Jasdeviplay
Gian Jasgeetplay
Gian Jasjeetplay
Gian Jasjotplay
Gian Jasjotiplay
Gian Jasmeetplay
Gian Jaspreetplay
Gian Jeetdevplay
Gian Jeetpalplay
Gian Jiwanplay
Gian Jodhaplay
Gian Jotdevplay
Gian Jotdevaplay
Gian Jotdeviplay
Gian JotiplayGianjoti
Gian Jotpalplay
Gian Jotpremplay
Gian Kalyanplay
Gian Kamalplay
Gian Karamplay
Gian Karanplay
Gian Kartaplay
Gian Kartarplay
Gian Kavalyaplay
Gian Kavitaplay
Gian Kiranplay
Gian Kirinplay
Gian Kirpalplay
Gian Kirtanplay
Gian Kirtiplay
Gian Krishanplay
Gian Krishnaplay
Gian Kriyaplay
Gian Lakhmiplay
Gian Lakshmiplay
Gian Livdeepplay
Gian Livjotplay
Gian Livpreetplay
Gian Livpriti-missing file-
Gian Livpriyaplay
Gian Livtarplay
Gian Mandeepplay
Gian Mandevaplay
Gian Mandeviplay
Gian Mandhirplay
Gian Maniplay
Gian Manjeetplay
Gian Manjotplay
Gian Manjotiplay
Gian Manpreetplay
Gian Manpremplay
Gian Manpriyaplay
Gian Mehtabplay
Gian Miterplay
Gian Mukhtiarplay
Gian Namplay
Gian Namdassplay
Gian Namdeepplay
Gian Namdevplay
Gian Namgeetplay
Gian Namjeetplay
Gian Namjotplay
Gian Nampreetplay
Gian Narayanplay
Gian Navbirplay
Gian Navdassplay
Gian Navdeepplay
Gian Navgeetplay
Gian Navjeetplay
Gian Navjotplay
Gian Navjotiplay
Gian Navmeetplay
Gian Navpalplay
Gian Navpreetplay
Gian Navpremplay
Gian Navpriyaplay
Gian Nivasplay
Gian Onkarplay
Gian Padmaniplay
Gian Paramplay
Gian Parmeetplay
Gian Pavanplay
Gian Piaraplay
Gian Prabhuplay
Gian Prakashplay
Gian Pratnaplay
Gian Preetplay
Gian Preetrajplay
Gian PremplayGianprem
Gian Premdassplay
Gian Premdeepplay
Gian Premdevplay
Gian Premdevaplay
Gian Premdeviplay
Gian Premgeetplay
Gian Premjeetplay
Gian Premjotplay
Gian Premjotiplay
Gian Prempalplay
Gian Premrajplay
Gian Pritamplay
Gian Pritiplay
Gian Pritidevplay
Gian Priyaplay
Gian Puranplay
Gian Qurbanplay
Gian Radhaplay
Gian Raiplay
Gian Rajchandplay
Gian Rajdevplay
Gian Rajdevaplay
Gian Rajmeetplay
Gian Rajpalplay
Gian Rajpremplay
Gian Ramaplay
Gian Ramdassplay
Gian Ramdeepplay
Gian Rampalplay
Gian Rampreetplay
Gian Randeepplay
Gian Randevplay
Gian Randeviplay
Gian Randhirplay
Gian Ranjotplay
Gian Ranpreetplay
Gian Ransherplay
Gian Ratanplay
Gian Raviplay
Gian Roopplay
Gian Sadhanaplay
Gian Sadhuplay
Gian Sahaiplay
Gian Sampuranplay
Gian Sandeepplay
Gian Sandeshplay
Gian Sandevplay
Gian Sandeviplay
Gian Sangatplay
Gian Sangeetaplay
Gian Sanjotiplay
Gian Sanpreetplay
Gian Sanpremplay
Gian Sanpriyaplay
Gian Santokhplay
Gian Santoshplay
Gian Saranplay
Gian Saraswatiplay
Gian Satdeepplay
Gian Satjotplay
Gian Satpalplay
Gian Satpreetplay
Gian Satyaplay
Gian Savitriplay
Gian Seemaplay
Gian Sevaplay
Gian Sevakplay
Gian Shaktaplay
Gian Shaktiplay
Gian Shamaplay
Gian Shantplay
Gian Shantdevplay
Gian Shantiplay
Gian Sherplay
Gian Sherdeepplay
Gian Sherpreetplay
Gian Sherpremplay
Gian Shivaplay
Gian Simranplay
Gian Simratplay
Gian Simritplay
Gian Siriplay
Gian Sitaplay
Gian Sooryaplay
Gian Subaghplay
Gian Sundertaplay
Gian Sundriplay
Gian Surdeepplay
Gian Surpreetplay
Gian Tajplay
Gian Tajdeepplay
Gian Tajdevplay
Gian Tajpreetplay
Gian Tajpremplay
Gian Taraplay
Gian Taranplay
Gian Tegplay
Gian Tegdeepplay
Gian Tegpreetplay
Gian Tegpremplay
Gian Tejplay
Gian Tejaplay
Gian Tejdeepplay
Gian Tejpreetplay
Gian Tejpremplay
Gian Terajotplay
Gian Tiagaplay
Gian Uttamplay
Gian Varanplay
Gian Vedplay
Gian Vedjeetplay
Gian Vedpalplay
Gian Vedpreetplay
Gian Vedpremplay
Gian Vedyaplay
Gian Vicharplay
Gian Viriamplay
Gian Zailplay
Gobind Adiplay
Gobind Akalplay
Gobind Amritplay
Gobind Amritaplay
Gobind Anandplay
Gobind Anandaplay
Gobind Ardasplay
Gobind Avtarplay
Gobind Bhagatplay
Gobind Bhagtiplay
Gobind Chandplay
Gobind Chanderplay
Gobind Chandraplay
Gobind Dassplay
Gobind Devplay
Gobinde Adiplay
Gobinde Akalplay
Gobinde Amritplay
Gobinde Amritaplay
Gobinde Anandplay
Gobinde Anandaplay
Gobinde Ardasplay
Gobinde Artiplay
Gobinde Atmaplay
Gobinde Avtarplay
Gobinde Baniplay
Gobinde Chandplay
Gobinde Chanderplay
Gobinde Charanplay
Gobinde Daleepplay
Gobinde Darshanplay
Gobinde Daspreetplay
Gobinde Dassplay
Gobinde Devaplay
Gobinde Devtaplay
Gobinde Dhyanplay
Gobinde Dyalplay
Gobinde Gianplay
Gobinde Hariplay
Gobinde Harnalplay
Gobinde Harpalplay
Gobinde Harpreetplay
Gobinde Harpremplay
Gobinde Harpriyaplay
Gobinde Inderplay
Gobinde Indraplay
Gobinde Kevalplay
Gobinde Kirpalplay
Gobinde Kirtanplay
Gobinde Kirtiplay
Gobinde Maheshplay
Gobinde Namplay
Gobinde Nidhanplay
Gobinde Nihalplay
Gobinde Nirmalplay
Gobinde Nishanplay
Gobinde Paramplay
Gobinde Preetplay
Gobinde Premplay
Gobinde Pritamplay
Gobinde Pritiplay
Gobinde Priyaplay
Gobinde Ramplay
Gobinde Raviplay
Gobinde Sangatplay
Gobinde Sangeetplay
Gobinde Saranplay
Gobinde Satyaplay
Gobinde Seemaplay
Gobinde Seetalplay
Gobinde Sevaplay
Gobinde Sevakplay
Gobinde Shaktiplay
Gobinde Shantplay
Gobinde Shantiplay
Gobinde Shivaplay
Gobinde Simranplay
Gobinde Siriplay
Gobinde Sitaplay
Gobinde Sooryaplay
Gobinde Sundriplay
Gobinde Tajplay
Gobinde Taraplay
Gobinde Teraplay
Gobinde Vedplay
Gobind Gianplay
Gobind Harpalplay
Gobind Harpremplay
Gobind Inderplay
Gobind Kartaplay
Gobind Kevalplay
Gobind Kirpalplay
Gobind Kirtanplay
Gobind Kirtiplay
Gobind Namplay
Gobind Pavanplay
Gobind Preetplay
Gobind Premplay
Gobind Priyaplay
Gobind Raiplay
Gobind Ramaplay
Gobind Randeepplay
Gobind Raviplay
Gobind Sangatplay
Gobind Sangeetplay
Gobind Sangeetaplay
Gobind Satyaplay
Gobind Seetalplay
Gobind sevaplay
Gobind Sevakplay
Gobind Shaktiplay
Gobind Shamaplay
Gobind Shantiplay
Gobind Shivaplay
Gobind Sitaplay
Gobind Sooryaplay
Gobind Sundriplay
Gobind Tiagaplay
Gobind Vedyaplay
Gopal Adeshplay
Gopal Adiplay
Gopal Ajeetplay
Gopal Akashaplay
Gopal Amanplay
Gopal Anandplay
Gopal Anandaplay
Gopal Angadplay
Gopal Ardasplay
Gopal Arjanplay
Gopal Artiplay
Gopal Arvindplay
Gopal Avtarplay
Gopal Bachanplay
Gopal Baniplay
Gopal Basantplay
Gopal Bhagatplay
Gopal Bhagtiplay
Gopal Chananplay
Gopal Chandplay
Gopal Chanderplay
Gopal Chandraplay
Gopal Charanplay
Gopal Daleepplay
Gopal Daljeetplay
Gopal Dalpreetplay
Gopal Darshanplay
Gopal Daspreetplay
Gopal Daspremplay
Gopal Dassplay
Gopal Dayaplay
Gopal Deepplay
Gopal Devaplay
Gopal Deviplay
Gopal Devjeetplay
Gopal Devnamplay
Gopal Devpreetplay
Gopal Devpremplay
Gopal Devpriyaplay
Gopal Devtaplay
Gopal Dharamplay
Gopal Dharmaplay
Gopal Dhyanplay
Gopal Fatehplay
Gopal Gianplay
Gopal Hardeepplay
Gopal Hardevplay
Gopal Hardeviplay
Gopal Hargeetplay
Gopal Hariplay
Gopal Haridassplay
Gopal Harjeetplay
Gopal Harnamplay
Gopal Harpreetplay
Gopal Harpremplay
Gopal Inderplay
Gopal Indraplay
Gopal Jaapplay
Gopal Japaplay
Gopal Jiwanplay
Gopal Jotiplay
Gopal Kalyanplay
Gopal Karamplay
Gopal Karanplay
Gopal Kartaplay
Gopal Kavalyaplay
Gopal Kavitaplay
Gopal Kirinplay
Gopal Kirtanplay
Gopal Kirtiplay
Gopal Krishnaplay
Gopal Kriyaplay
Gopal Lakhmiplay
Gopal Lakshmiplay
Gopal Livdeepplay
Gopal Livtarplay
Gopal Mahanplay
Gopal Maheshplay
Gopal Mandeepplay
Gopal Maniplay
Gopal Meherplay
Gopal Mehtabplay
Gopal Miterplay
Gopal Namplay
Gopal Namdassplay
Gopal Namdeepplay
Gopal Namjeetplay
Gopal Narayanplay
Gopal Navdeepplay
Gopal Navpreetplay
Gopal Nidhanplay
Gopal Nirbhaoplay
Gopal Nirmalplay
Gopal Onkarplay
Gopal Padmaniplay
Gopal Paramplay
Gopal Pavanplay
Gopal Prakashplay
Gopal Preetplay
Gopal Premdassplay
Gopal Premdeepplay
Gopal Pritiplay
Gopal Priyaplay
Gopal Puranplay
Gopal Qurbanplay
Gopal Radhaplay
Gopal Ramplay
Gopal Ramaplay
Gopal Ramdassplay
Gopal Ramdeshplay
Gopal Randeepplay
Gopal Randhirplay
Gopal Raviplay
Gopal Sadhanaplay
Gopal Sandeepplay
Gopal Sandeshplay
Gopal Sangatplay
Gopal Sangeetplay
Gopal Sangeetaplay
Gopal Sanpreetplay
Gopal Santokhplay
Gopal Saranplay
Gopal Satyaplay
Gopal Savitriplay
Gopal Seemaplay
Gopal Seetalplay
Gopal Sevaplay
Gopal Sevakplay
Gopal Shabadplay
Gopal Shaktaplay
Gopal Shaktiplay
Gopal Shamaplay
Gopal Shantplay
Gopal Shantiplay
Gopal Shivaplay
Gopal Simranplay
Gopal Simratplay
Gopal Sitaplay
Gopal Sooryaplay
Gopal Subaghplay
Gopal Sunderplay
Gopal Sundertaplay
Gopal Surdeepplay
Gopal Tajplay
Gopal Taraplay
Gopal Taranplay
Gopal Tejplay
Gopal Tejaplay
Gopal Tejdeepplay
Gopal Tejpreetplay
Gopal Teraplay
Gopal Tiagaplay
Gopal Varanplay
Gopal Vedplay
Gopal Vedyaplay
Gopal Viriamplay
Gun Gianplay
Gun Inderplay
Gun Nidhanplay
Guru Amarplay
Guru Amritplay
Guru Anterplay
Guru Ardasplay
Guru Atmaplay
Guru Avtarplay
Guru Bachanplay
Guru Bahadurplay
Guru Bakshishplay
Guru Balaplay
Guru Bandaplay
Guru Bandhuplay
Guru Baniplay
Guru Basantplay
Guru Beantplay
Guru Bhagatplay
Guru Bhaiplay
Guru Birplay
Guru Chanderplay
Guru Charanplay
Guru Darbarplay
Guru Darshanplay
Guru Dashmeshplay
Guru Dattaplay
Guru Dayaplay
Guru Deepplay
Guru Devplay
Guru Devaplay
Guru Deviplay
Guru Dhamplay
Guru Dharamplay
Guru Dharmaplay
Guru Dittaplay
Guru Dyalplay
Guru Fatehplay
Guru Gaganplay
Guru Ganeshaplay
Guru Gianplay
Guru Gopalplay
Guru Gunplay
Guru Hansplay
Guru Hariplay
Guru Himatplay
Guru Hukamplay
Guru Inderplay
Guru Jagatplay
Guru Jaiplay
Guru Jasplay
Guru Jaswantplay
Guru Jeesplay
Guru Jeetplay
Guru Jiwanplay
Guru Jodhaplay
Guru Jotplay
Guru Kamalplay
Guru Karplay
Guru Karamplay
Guru Kartaplay
Guru Kartarplay
Guru Kiretplay
Guru Kirinplay
Guru Kirpalplay
Guru Kirtanplay
Guru Kudratplay
Guru Laalplay
Guru Livplay
Guru Manderplay
Guru MantraplayGurumantra
Guru Markaplay
Guru Mataplay
Guru Meetplay
Guru Meherplay
Guru Miterplay
Guru Mukhplay
Guru Muktaplay
Guru Mustukplay
Guru Namplay
Guru Nam Simranplay
Guru Narayanplay
Guru Naterplay
Guru Neelplay
Guru Nidhanplay
Guru Nihalplay
Guru Nishanplay
Guru Niyamplay
Guru Palplay
Guru Partapplay
Guru Parvazplay
Guru Pavanplay
Guru Pittaplay
Guru PrakashplayGuru Parkash
Guru Prasadplay
Guru Preetplay
Guru Premplay
Guru Purkhplay
Guru Purkhaplay
Guru Purshaplay
Guru Raagplay
Guru Ragaplay
Guru Rahaplay
Guru Raiplay
Guru Rajplay
Guru Rakhaplay
Guru Rangplay
Guru Rasplay
Guru Ratanplay
Guru Raviplay
Guru Roopplay
Guru Sadhanaplay
Guru SahaiplayGurusahay
Guru SandeshplayGurusandesh
Guru Sangatplay
Guru Sangeetplay
Guru Sansarplay
Guru Santplay
Guru SaranplayGurusaran
Guru Saroopplay
Guru Sevakplay
Guru Shabadplay
Guru Shamsherplay
Guru Shantiplay
Guru Sherplay
Guru Sikhplay
Guru Simranplay
Guru Simritplay
Guru Siriplay
Guru Sooryaplay
Guru SundriplayGuruSunderi
Guru Tejplay
Guru Teraplay
Guru Terathplay
Guru Trangplay
Guru Zailplay